1. How can I create a catalog?

There are two ways to create a catalog on EasyCat


Follow the instructions here to download the excel template, fill it, and upload it.


  • Tap “create catalog” on the homescreen or tap the + icon top right to begin creating your own catalog
  • Choose a name for your catalog, add a description and select the location.
  • Select the category which your items belong to from the list, and set the tags that help your catalog appear when users search for keywords.
  • Upload a cover photo for your catalog to best represent it, and tap “next.”
  • Begin by adding the first item to this catalog by choosing its photo, either from a PDF, from the library of your phone, or from the camera.
  • Type the item name, and type the description of this item, or extract it from a PDF – our OCR will convert it to text so that you can edit.
  • Set appropriate tags for your item, and add any external ecommerce link to it.
  • Add the manual of this item or any relevant PDF if it exists, and tap “done.”
  • To add another item, repeat the steps above.
  • Decide whether you want your catalog to be private or public, and choose who you want to share it with, and tap “done.”

2. How can I share a catalog?

If you are the owner of the catalog, you can simply go to the catalog and click the share icon in the bottom right of your screen. Then, type in the name of the EasyCat user and select them from the list, or type the email of the user you wish to send it to. Feel free to add a message should you feel like personalizing your text. Choosing to share the catalog with someone publicly adds the catalog to their “shared by me” and is viewed by anyone who visits the profile of that user. However, you can also share the catalog privately with someone; the catalog will also be found in their “shared by me” but cannot be seen by anyone who visits the profile of that user.

3. How can I create a collection?

  • When you’re browsing items from different catalogs, you will notice the “add to” button at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to add this item to a collection you had already created, or to create a collection with this item in it.
  • Give your collection a name, and decide whether you want it to be seen publicly or to be kept and shared privately.

4. What is a sandbox and what happens when I add items to it?

A sandbox is a temporary collection where you can place the items you haven’t yet decided to which collection they belong. You may choose to add an item to the sandbox till you have figured out whether you want to add it to an existing collection, or create a new collection and add it in.

5. A catalog in “shared with me” disappeared. What is the reason?

  • The owner of the catalog changed the rights and shares setting of this catalog from public to private
  • The owner of the catalog removed the sharing permission with you
  • The owner of the catalog deleted the catalog
  • The catalog owner has set an expiry date when sharing with you

6. Can people who visit my profile see my collections?

People who visit your profile can only see your publish collection and the collections you shared with them.

7. Someone shared a catalog with me. Can I share it with someone else, too?

  • You can if the owner of the catalog granted you the permission
  • You can if the catalog is public

8. How can I inquire about an item?

When you’re viewing an item, tap on the question mark beneath it. A window pops up in which you can directly type in the message to the catalog owner and inquire about the availability, dimensions, price or location of the item. When the catalog owner replies to your inquiry, you will see their notification in the notifications tabs.
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